Welcome To Indaai Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"Everything that progresses, flows through us…" is our tagline and every day, we are trying our best to live up to this statement. We firmly believe in the progress of all the stakeholders, which is a noble universal principle.

We are in the business of "flow management". We offer virtually every solution related to flow, whether it is pumping or flow control or flow measurement. We are in business since 2005 and since then, working relentlessly to satisfy the exacting needs of customers from process industry such as power generation, steel, chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, water etc.

Our performance speaks louder than our talk. Do visit our page "Orders Executed" to see the overview of what exactly we have delivered to our customers. Please allow us an opportunity to serve you.


The question "why" has solved many puzzles in the universe. Our answer to "why Indaai" will also help you to solve the puzzle of choosing right vendor for "Valves Automation". Being a "Valves Automation Centre", we have a few distinct advantages such as:

  • We maintain the stock of standard products, hence we are able to offer faster deliveries
  • There is practically no limitation on product range, any odd combination can be offered
  • Huge scope for customization
  • all your valves automation needs are met under one umbrella
  • A glance through "Orders Executed" tab will definitely help you to get convinced on "why choose Indaai", because what we share here are our actual success stories.

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